It's no secret that I love a good dose of color and pattern in any space that I decorate. So when I came across Pierre Frey's new "ARTY" fabric, I completely feel in love! Bold, abstract art;  brushstrokes in candy-colored hues covering a ivory linen background with abandon!

My a few of my favorite hues are included in this fabric - black, coral-red, and varying shades of blue and pale aqua. I see this as a classic choice - one that could work equally well in a modern or traditional space. 

The image below shows the fabric upholstered on a fabulous antique chair. I mean, please...this is a total show stopper!

Not sure you are ready to commit to purchasing a few yards for a project? Why not try this textile out in the form of a throw pillow or two. There are several vendors on etsy.com that offer options just like the cushion pictured below - they are even available in custom sizes!

I am lucky enough to have just received a vintage black lacquered James Mont Style Ming chair from my mother. It currently has a ivory seat cushion that is so awful -  a total insult to the beauty of this sexy beast.

Here she is, begging for some fabulous new fabric. I think "ARTY" could possibly be it!



Even if you are not convinced it should be in your own home, at the very least, take a few moments and run over to your local designer fabric showroom. This fabric is definitely worth a look - if only to indulge in some bright, fun color for a moment or two.