Adding to the Library

I dont know about you, but I am always on the hunt for a delicious new hardcover (especially on home decor topics) book to add to my collection. There are so many talented designers with lots of incredible work to showcase - it seems like lately they have all authored a must-read. The covers alone are great eye candy; I use them to style my coffee table, add colour to my cabinet, and of course to read and gather great ideas! Lately, it seems that I have an endless wish list (the total in my amazon cart right now is $656.78... yikes!) that I am slowly making my way through.

Below are some great titles that I have picked up recently and then a list that are in in my perpetual queue.

Mr. Redd is one of my all time favorite designers. A must for those who love color:

Indulge in the best of "relaxed country style" with this fabulous book about the late, great work of Sister Parish:

Learn about traditional silhouettes and classic styles that are still great bases for decorating today:

Are you wondering what the living room of your favorite designer looks like? Well this is your book:

A great read, but to be honest, I bought this book for the gorgeous metallic, art deco cover - love it:

These are waiting patiently in my cart..

There is something so elegant about palm trees... Love the large scale of this book:

Sailboats are my jam, and the photos in this book are INSANE:

Tom Sheerer's eclectic style just takes the cake, his interiors are mad eye candy. This one is really calling my name:

This designer is a new fav of mine; his work is sophisticated and elegant with unexpected touches. Need this:

I just love Thomas O'Brien's classic, tailored interiors:

I mean who doesn't love the "Prince of Chintz"? Mr. Buatta is a legend: