Don't get me wrong, once a month I do love to sit down with a brand new home decor magazine, devouring each and every detail, page by page; House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest; I don't discriminate.  First, I flip through each editorial piece and advertisement furiously, then go back to the cover and starting again carefully reading through each feature, googling products and designers as I go.

For the rest of the month, it is a whole other obsession - scrolling, scrolling and scrolling through some of my favorite NYC real estate websites. This is a decor addict's best kept secret; some of the most fabulous interiors never reach the page of a magazine, but are inside a family penthouse on Central Park South or a tiny studio co-op in Greenwich Village!

Yes, Manhattan is known for its multi-million dollar apartments, but as you can see, not every look inside these homes is totally out of reach. Below are a few places that I am seriously in-love with:

This fabulous entryway is from an apartment on West 81st St. Chinoiserie wallpaper, green lamps, a matching green folding screen and chevron floors - I am in heaven!

This gem is on east 52nd St. is just fabulous with those black paned windows, white floors, beamed ceilings and minimal white tuxedo sofa:

Check out the living area in this co-op on East 84th St.  The room has a neutral base but you will find several unusual elements that definitely set it apart  - the bright teal occasional chair near the window, the quirky antler ottoman, a pink throw over the back of the sofa and lavender rug. Very "Elle Decor" if you ask me:

Next time you are looking for some interior inspiration in between magazine issues, hop on over to real estate site CORCORAN and check out some of the best apartments in NYC!