A girl after my own heart...

My mom showed me the fabulous spread of Veronica Swanson's NYC apartment in the new Harper's Bazaar and I died and went to heaven.

Veronica's bedroom is wallpapered in Quadrille's aqua and white ikat and the matching headboard is in the reversed colorway, mixed with Porthault linens!!

I have being trying to decide on a new bed for a while, and want to make a purchase that I will have forever and I can, ideally re-upholester when I want to change up my look. Veronica's ikat tufted headboard got me thinking..... what about this?

This headboard from home depot:
covered in my signature budget-friendly ikat:

Sorry...back to the task at hand...and this guestroom? There are no words....

A turquoise kitchen with colorful Moroccan pendant, crazy, chunky crown moulding and floor to ceiling windows? I'll take one, si vous plait!

Some girls have all the luck, or, well at least a sizable trust fund!